The Automaton

I am an organized system

I move as a consortium of things I’ve collected during my time here

From this pairing of words to the mapping of timezones

Through colleagues I connect with regularly via a contraption of screens tethered by lines under an ocean or by the giant engine demanding fuel upon our every visit

I talk to those furry, feathered, and scaled friends explaining human troubles

They respond–breathe

I walk among barked elders seeking their guidance and vision

They respond–breathe

I linger among sounds of another generation asking similar questions, seeking common stories, and wishing to re-member all that has been dis-membered

The entangled becoming disentangled only to wind itself back into a form that is familiar

Another invention, a more advanced creation, the newest amalgamation suitable to this stage of evolution

Yet, there is one thing that stands clear, it’s simplicity a solace, it’s completion the greatest wonder, a gift upon rememberance

My body whispers and hums–breathe.

© 2023 Luna Lacey