“Like you, I am a willing participant of this planet and wish to be awake to experience and contribute to that which we share. Whether we meet in body, with words, or through our striving, may each breath connect us beyond matter, space, or time. Thanks friend.”

  • The Automaton

    I am an organized system I move as a consortium of things I’ve collected during my time here From this pairing of words to the

  • Love and Volcanoes

    A Prologue: In this world of wild and crazy realities, there are a few things that I can identify as real and essential to the

  • True love is helping someone die

    She was my grandmother Who would know, I’d sit by her side as she’d take her last breath The horse crackle of those last gasps

  • Another World is Possible

    You, you believe in me And I, I believe in you Together, we can do All we put our hearts in to Because another world

  • They

    What makes a writer, what makes a circle of writers? Is it the commonly shared experience between them – seeing the world’s actions as themselves acts

  • Going Up

    WritingOrdinaryEverydayAnother pageStarting overUntil they comeThe words spill outOn to the pageSomedaysMeaning comes with themOther daysIt’s just practiceBeing thereTo see, to listen, to writeThe fingers tapping

  • Simply Be

    The darkness of the night reminds me of another time. The simplicity, the ease, when the smallest difference was monumental. There is another way I

  • In a Circle Across Time and Space

    These little letters we put together So full of life from another time Across the page Into the air Spirited by the lives that become

  • Memory in Afterlife

    Breathing is in my nature It’s somehow the thing I took most for granted Never did I know how or what it was really Until