In Rhymes of Pleasure

From the collection “A Few Meaningless Words” published in 1996.

As visions of plumberies danced in my head
I imagined a being as alike and as pure as those in my dreams
Whom offer yet allow my unfathomable to occur

You beat–while I scream
You beat–as a jiggle
You beat–I sway to an incredible rhythm

Who am I to ask you to change
If you are not open to offering such a thing
Show me your deeds and be on your way

I’d rather not deal with draining delay
Nor with misconceptions, lies, or exaggerated truths
More with passions, motions, and feelings

Touch me, then
We’ll flee to the oceans naked floor
Where the hymn will be fancied by our moving score.

© 1995 Luna Lacey