In a Circle Across Time and Space

These little letters we put together
So full of life from another time
Across the page
Into the air
Spirited by the lives that become interested in them.

They are a living story
The one that gets told
That crosses the planes and reminds us 
Time and space don’t bound us
They only bind the limits we put on our ability to cross them.

For us that stretch over and get comfortable
It is quite wild
One foot in one world the other foot in the another
We are but a straddling ape laughing at ourselves as we get it half right half the time
And the other? We make a hell of a show still learning how the cage opens.

May you join us if when you’re interested 
And walk together through the circles of life manifesting itself
Peeling off the layers working from the inside first
But how do we get there then
By knowing how to enter into the core.