The Reflection in the Screen

It’s been a week little friend…

you are my little friend…
my little keyboard
the one I tell little secrets too…
the secrets I don’t even tell to myself.

Some days we go into long prose
Like pulling deeply buried treasure out of subterranean crevices of the earth.
Kerspelunking I think it’s called.
Other times, we’re barely skimming the surface.

Today after not having been together for a bit
We’re just happy to be together
Sharing just that moment or two of knowing that there is more to this crazy life than just the rant that gets perpetuated outwardly in the streets.

“How are you”
“I’m good”
“That was 5.25″
“Do you have change”
“Get out of my way”
Why’d they do that
Couldn’t have that tasted better
Who works here
Why did they say that
That’s weird
I love that show
God this is the best
I’ve never tasted something so delicious
That feels good

I like him

It’s never ending
A roll of meaninglessness really
What is meaningful then?
You tell me.


Quiet Fingers dancing
The reflection in the screen
You look different than I saw you last.

There’s a smirk
Slightly turned up corners of your mouth
The frame of the glasses catch the light as your head turns.

The fingers tapping continue to look like little crawlers across the earth
like they’ve found something on the pavement
they’re gathering around to get some.

We are the same
The one who thinks and the one who knows
But less often do we come together for a time–less often do we agree.

Agree to participate in this game together
Agree to participate in this moment together
Agree to share space together.

But now
Now is our moment