If he invites me
I will come

Remembering that he did invite me the first time
He opened his blanket and gestured

Come lay down down with me
His touch was everything that I wanted

Laying next to him
Our bodys’ heat co-mingling

His fingers tracing lines on the ridge of my hairline
My hand awkwardly stroking his back

Waiting, wanting, yearning to be closer
To be inside him curled up

Like a lion in his cave
Wild, ravenous, and waiting

He leans his face just next to mine
Lips slowly slower gently touching for the first time

We are irresistible
Our momentum uncontrollable

What we want is what we need
The universe is at our party preparing to give the blessing

He goes inside me
Like the hibernating lion he is

He is my mass
I am his acceleration
Our force is unimaginable.

© 2017 Luna Lacey