The body politic

Can I watch it unfold
Hold it
Love it
Play it
But not fall prey to it
Can I kiss it while it’s hot
Say okay and not be attached
Let whoever it is have their time to think
To be impassioned with the blood of our history
Can I just-ly stand witness
Kiss them on the lips and say I’m listening
Cause I am

I love every word you say
I love every thought you have
I love that you’re clearly trying to express something meaningful to you
I love you as you’re trying to make sense of the world
Around you, inside you, entangled about you
I love watching you express it
Now I’m getting hot too
You’re clearly moving me
The passion and desire to touch through words
It’s hot and exciting
You’re almost there
Point is almost made
Connections clearly demonstrated

“Wait, this last bit needs to be said,
Wait just one more minute,
One more word, there’s just,
Something else, I was trying to say,
Damnit I lost it, it’s gone,
But it was there,
I was going to make sense of that last point,
That last bit would’ve made it all clear!”

I love when you try to save the world.