It was so long ago
I don’t even remember
What happened in Dallas
There was a girl standing on the street
And someone came up to her
He slapped her and said
“Get off the street, you don’t belong here”
She stood upright, looked him in the eyes
With the dignity of humanity standing with her, said
“I can be where ever I choose to be”
He was so upset, screaming at her on the street corner
She just stood,
Standing witness to the hatred manifest
Through the generations of him.

Hatred does not lay down,
hatred hits, kicks, slaps, pulls, pushes,
It does everything and anything to get attention
Hatred stands in front of us to be shown the direction to love
You see, hatred got lost a longtime ago
And has been like a scared kid
Unable to find his parents
Or to return home to play with his friends
He’s been left, abandoned, lost to the world,
And must be shown time and time again
The way home to love
When he hits you on the street
Don’t hate him back
But point him in the right direction.