Being Busy and Being Present

A workday is often filled with one distraction after another. At least once a day I’m lost in some chaos of not knowing what to do next. Not only does my mind tend to wander off on this or that thought, but I’m reactive to coworkers being late, projects not going right, not being able to find something, the mail not being delivered on time, and a slew of other unfortunate occurrences. But I can use the support of my body to help me be present at work.

No matter how busy my day becomes, when I remember to register my body breathing, I have the means to stay focused and on track. If I stay with the movement of my fingers as I’m typing on the keyboard, there’s more energy to stay motivated. When I’m moving around the office, I can be with each foot touching the ground. If someone calls on the phone, I can have body-mind connection while I’m talking to them. By staying with the activity of the body, there is a foundation that can hold the weight of a day filled with an ever-growing list of to-dos and responsibilities. When I am connected and supported, I don’t feel drained and scattered—I feel inspired and fulfilled. Being busy is a regular feature of my day and with a little reminder being present can be too.