And what if they do talk to me
what will they say
what will they share
will their voice be audible like another thought in my head
or will it be more like the master in the carriage
will it associate just with that person with whom I’m engaged
or will it just come
and the association will have to be navigated
will we be able to interact or will it be nostalgic
will i have to subjectively translate
will i have to hunt out the meaning
will there be a mark or a sign
or something for me to distinguish
that the veil has lifted

Already I feel their presence–the visits
the fleeting or lasting impression of their presence, their warmth, their well-wishing
the bodiless have their place, now I must navigate without eyes
I must walk through their halls
experience the world they live in
without walls, or doors, or floors, or ceilings
without day or night or time or space
without the news of the hour or the timestamp of history
It’s just us together in a bubble of energy, will, love, desire
Sailing through these shifting levels of consciousness
Always I come back to this moment
body supported by the earth
supported by the breath

And where do they go back to?