The American Experience

From the collection “A Few Meaningless Words” published in 1996.

How lonesome is the American journey?

A neon screen, a top ten music chart
Pink shower curtain resorts sprinkled through the city
With two weeks to spare for a touch of relaxation

A glass of wine, a romance novel
A three second orgasm with a fellow with whom you’ve exchanged three words
And you claim you’re living life to the fullest

We idle away in our linear reality
To find death and old age offer nothing
But the sacrifice of our love and struggle

An escape, you ask?

Take your fancy, pick and choose but don’t outstep your safety
With their lies, they whisper “We’ll protect you”
You naively listen seeing nothing less than heaven

Thus, I scream, cry, dance, and swing
attempting to disrupt a system of habitual duties
That make our rationality more comfortable to judge

And complaints become my form of communication.

© 1996 Luna Lacey