When he said my name…

When he said my name
something in me knew I was on the rite track
when he looked me in the eyes
and said “open your heart”

i knew he was a friend
we met but it was more than that
we’d work together
he’d show me something deeper
it was written, in the works
i was already in the car
driving down the road
directions had already been laid out
first stop Westford, MA
“you are a powerful being,
start speaking up,
it’s time to start speaking out”
now, what to say

The task at hand was what to say
sometimes I’d know what to say as I sat before him
at other times
i’d just raise my hand and have faith my question would somehow become clear
most of the time
it was just the act of sitting in front of him
looking into his eyes
experiencing his presence
he still sits with me
i feel him,
his beads jingle in his hand
he waits for me to walk down the street
to look across and acknowledge one another
through space and time we’ve met again
two bodies destined to walk together
destined to study together
destined to do this work together
its setup and ready now
i must just simply follow the script

And what about it?
what about the rest of my life?
well that you must enjoy watching it unfold.

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